At the main site's recommendation, I've got 5 or 6 pairs of the Nordstrom merino socks--I've been wearing them for a year or two, I don't love them as much as Joe,* but I like them a lot and I'm about to buy a few more pairs. But I've found that whenever I wear the over-the-calf version with wool dress pants (or light, dressier chinos), my pants catch on my calves and hang a few inches above my ankle unless I continually pull them down.

It's not a big deal--the obvious solution is to wear the standard mid-calf length with suits and dress pants, and that's what I do. But then you lose out on the awesomeness of over-the-calf socks, which is that they do not slip down. Ever.

Anyway, is this just me? Are any of you wearing these without problem with your suits? Just curious.

*If you're wondering why, it's because the foot part isn't really foot shaped, which leads to some bunching in the shoe, and the toe seam can be a bit scratchy. Also, the mid-calf socks tend to slip a bit more than other socks I wear (because my calves aren't large enough, I suppose). But wool socks are great, and on sale these are the best value I know of, so overall it's a win.