I feel like there was recently a thread on this recently, but I went 12 pages back and couldnt find it, so maybe I imagined it. Anyway... Im looking for a little nicer athletic shirts to replace my Nike ones. Kind of veering towards that atheleisure thing. Im not really sure what brands I should be looking at as all I really know is that some people like Lululemon a lot.

They do seem to have a decent option in their Pace Breaker shorts. At $68, they arent much more than Nike shorts really. Im interested in opinions on other brands, but does anyone have the Pace Breakers? They have two options- one with a liner - https://shop.lululemon.com/p/gift-id...050?color=0001 and one without - https://shop.lululemon.com/p/men-sho...030?color=0001. Somewhat weirdly they are the same price. I dont have any shorts with liners, so not quite sure about those, but maybe could be a decent option. Thoughts?

Whatever shorts I buy will be for the light, in public physical activity like coaching my sons soccer team (basically when Im around other people, and dont want to look like a slob). I workout at home and just wear my cheap Target C9 brand shorts for that. Just pointing that to help illustrate what Im going for and why.