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There was a story, and I don't know if it is true, but at one point Subway and Taco Bell would locate near McDonald's. The reason was, Subway and TB knew McD's spent money searching out locations so why not just locate near them? Makes sense and you do not spend the $$$ finding the best location.
Lowes does this with Home Depot. They also strategically select their inventory to have higher stock int he items Home Depot chooses not to focus on. They are accepting a complimentary role almost. It saves them a lot of money in market research so the lower sales yield a higher profit due to less upfront expense to spin up a store.

I am not boycotting Amazon. The workers will sort it out. In the US they can simply chose to work somewhere else and force Amazon to offer a better environment to maintain their staff. If the pay is too good for them to actually leave, then is it as bad as they say? I know very little about the amazon environment so I have no idea. I can relate it to the fast food workers though. They were asking for higher minimum wages. Fast food has responded by replacing a portion of their workforce with self serve kiosks, app ordering, and doordash/uber eats services. In that case, I believe the workers overestimated their value so it may or may not be a parallel. Just an example of how unions and markets often correct them selves.

Boycotting actually could be seen as taking some stress off of Amazon actually. If they have tons of orders to fulfill they would be more likely to meet the demands of the workers that are striking.