I've never really paid attention to any decision labels, but in randomly clicking on a GQ email about camp/hawaiian shirts, I ran across AllSaints. They had a hawaiian shirt that I would have loved to buy, but the article was a couple of years old, so the shirt was long gone. I ended up checking out their current offerings, and there were some decent options. They were pricey at full price ($130), but really were actually actually cheaper than I paid for some similar Faherty shirts (though I did find a $75 off promo code for Faherty). I saw that Nordstrom had a few of the AllSaints on sale for like $80 too.

I've typically stuck to various brands that aren't designer level (Bonobos for a ton of stuff, some Vineyard Vines shorts, that type of level). Are there any 'designer' brands that people like and try to watch for sales? Ignoring how much longer the 'hawaiian' shirt craze might last (on a Mexican beach all-inclusive a couple of weeks ago, probably 30-40% of the guys were wearing some variation of the style), I might buy one of the AllSaint shirts from Nordstrom.