If you're going to live a Dappered life, you'll want to have a Dappered place. I think music helps with that.

For years I've wanted a whole house wireless music system, but the prices on things like Sonos put me off and also their closed universe. Yamaha Music Cast might have worked with my current Yamaha receiver, which has network capabilities--but it's not wireless, even though the speakers might not need to be wired, the receiver would be tethered to a wire. And it's another proprietary system. And the speakers start at about $250, each I think.

I had heard of DTS's Play-Fi, but didn't pay much attention. Then I noticed Pioneer had some Play-Fi speakers for a heavily discounted price under $100, I think. I started doing some research and discovered that a bunch of equipment makers were selling Play-Fi compatible equipment. And that Klipsch made a device you could use to convert your non-Play-Fi speakers to Play-Fi. And that Phorus made a device to hook up a receiver to your wi-fi network. Both of these devices were about $30.

And I picked up a few speakers made by Phorus for only $50 each on Amazon--regular $200. I think Phorus is a DTS subsidiary.

As long as you have a good wi-fi signal throughout your house, set up is a breeze. It works with all the major music services and most NAS media servers. You can even set up the speakers to pair as stereo speakers in the same room.

Results? I am so impressed. Now when we have a party, we can have the same background music playing throughout the house at low volume. Or we can blast it in one room and turn it down in others. Different people can even listen to different things in different rooms. The speakers are amazing great for $50.

Audiophiles--you're probably covered too--but you'll need to decide for yourself. I know at least one high-end amp maker, McIntosh, makes compatible products. And for a one-time $15 fee, you can install the Play-Fi HD app on your Windows computer. It allows for loss-less music files to play over your wi-fi.


1) You'd better have a strong wi-fi signal near where you want the speakers to play. Otherwise, you'll experience drops in the sound. That's not a problem for me. I installed a Google Wi-Fi system a few months back and it works like a charm.

2) I think Play-Fi never really caught on. I think very few new products are coming out. And I think that's why so many of the gear companies are selling the equipment so cheaply. But DTS is an establish company and they seem committed to supporting the system, even if nobody else makes new products. Once you have all the equipment you need, I don't think it's an issue if it's not being made anymore.

Anybody else try Play-Fi? Other systems? What are your thoughts?