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Today our speakers, tomorrow... our cars? Not sure where, or if it will end
Yeah, the cars thing is really bothering me. For years car guys (of which I am NOT, let's be clear here) have been modifying their cars. Now, to modify car, you need access to the software of the car. The car manufacturers though car saying you do not own the software. They do. According to the car manufacturers, if you try to modify the software, you're hacking the car and breaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Which mean jail time. All for modifying your car...

The Sonos thing annoys me. I have the system in our house and like it. When the system works I do not want to mess with it. I see that a system update is ready, and often I will not install the update because I have done so in the past only to have my system become unstable until the next update. What bothers me though is that if I put off the update for long enough, Sonos FORCES me to do the update. They won't allow me to use my system unless I apply the update.

This ^ annoys because I own the speakers and don't appreciate being bullied in to doing an update. An update that could (and has) made my system unstable.