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Instagram is a mixed bag but if you find the right people/pages to follow, it can be useful and motivating. I follow a couple Oly lifters (@gsincraian and @gurphling) and Squat University (@squat_university) and I find it useful to A.) see really good lifters in action, and B.) see new tips on improving technique. Seeing great lifters motivates me to keep improving, and the Squat U stuff gives me lots of exercises and cues to work on to improve my technique and keep lifting in a safe and healthy way.
Agreed completely on it being a mixed bag but you can learn from certain people depending on what your gym goals are. Mine is more bodybuilding and fitness then pure strength.

Some Iíd recommend
hypertrophycoach - he has the best examples in explains the movements. How you should setup and target muscles
Thequadguy- great variations if youíre getting bored. Some arenít beginner level things but he explains well.
Danalynnbailey - great supersets and volume if thatís your desire. Sheís inspiring and has a great personality.