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Thread: How do stay motivated for keeping fit?

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    How do stay motivated for keeping fit?

    I used to sign up for endurance events that were out of my comfort zone and required more effort than maintenance. But in order to progress (reps/time, distance/time, etc) I had to eat super healthy and get some decent sleep. My pride would not let me slip on my numbers, so I’d be absolutely miserable had I not eaten clean, cut the booze, etc. That helped me make my workouts and eat healthy as a lifestyle. But after so many events, the “so, now what?” kicks in. It wasn’t a lifelong strategy but it did help me get in the habit.

    Eventually I found F3 ( and I’ve not struggled with motivation since. The workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold. There’s no cost, no signing up, and no gear required - just show up. The age range in my area is 18-62. Sizes range from 125-350lbs. All shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.

    Workouts are usually early (5:30a-6:15a) so I’m usually able to get it in before I have to travel for work.

    The guys are really encouraging. The workouts are usually pretty tough, but fun. Usually bootcamp style workouts. Even if you lift, hitting 1-3 F3 workouts a week is an awesome addition to most programs. In weeks I don’t travel, I do 6 workouts a week.

    To see if there is F3 in your area:

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