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Thread: Another (mini) road-trip photo thread

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    Another (mini) road-trip photo thread

    The Good Professor went up to Boston this past weekend for his annual "glutton for punishment" a.k.a. Tough Mudder (full course, no 5k weenies here). Don't worry, we had plenty of time beforehand for exploring the city, seeing some history, and a surprise guest!!

    My original headband from 2011 has gone missing (not difficult in a house full of ferrets--they steal all kinds of crap which usually gets found in the wife's sock drawer months later) but that's not a massive loss; it's the one i wore for numbers 2, 3, and 4 and it's a little...."past its prime". But, I had a lovely collection started already before the weekend:

    IMG_20190626_203456_765 by Professor Horseyhead, on Flickr

    We did get to swing through Salem, and in all honesty it was pretty underwhelming. Not what we were expecting, way more 'touristy' than we'd hoped it would be.

    IMG_20190628_135628_988 by Professor Horseyhead, on Flickr

    IMG_20190628_135628_987 by Professor Horseyhead, on Flickr
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