For those who have lost a decent amount of weight at some point, what did you do to/with your wardrobe? I've lost some, and am continuing to lose some weight, and so many of my clothes now don't fit properly. What may have been a nice slim fit before now looks large and baggy - shirts, pants, suits, blazers - almost to the point of being unwearable.

What do I do now? Especially regarding (1) items needing too much alteration that it's not possible and (2) items that aren't worth altering. For the first, one example would be a blazer I got tailored already. However, I then lost even more weight and now it seems too big. I don't think it could be tailored anymore. For the second, is there a point in getting a $35 J.Crew OCBD tailored or my $40 J.Crew Chinos?

Should I just give away/sell old items that no longer work and buy new sizes?

I'd love your advice for those who have experienced this. The good thing is, watches and shoes pretty much don't apply to this, so no worries there!