The alleged shrinkage on the Banana Republic Luxury-Touch polos is well known--just check out the reviews and you'll see that almost all of the negative reviewers talk about it. I've mentioned my own experience here before:

Despite past experience, I bought several slim fit Luxury-Touch polos during the recent labor day sale, because I really like them, and the medium tall is a great fit for me. And since people like Joe (and the overwhelming majority of the reviewers) don't seem to have any issues with shrinking, I wondered if maybe I (and all the other negative reviewers) had simply bought shirts from bad batches.

Anyway, I wore two of the new shirts for the first time last week, and I washed them both this weekend--cold water, hang (completely) dry, and a brief, dry tumble on low heat afterward to shake out the wrinkles. And of course, they each shrunk up about an inch, as well as noticeably in throughout the body. At this point, I don't mind, because they fit me a bit better, but it does not bode well for the long term--if they do it again, they'll be unwearable for me.

Just thought I'd put this out there. There's definitely something going on with that fabric. I wish I knew what magic other people are working to keep theirs from shrinking.

(By comparison, I have two Don't Sweat It polos, which in standard sizing are almost indistinguishable from the tall slim Luxury Touch shirts, other than being a touch boxier through the midsection. These have been through a few wash cycles, as well as the dryer [low heat], with no noticeable shrinkage.)