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Thread: More about shrinkage and BR Luxury Touch polos

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    Stay away from “Luxury Touch” from BR or “Dress” style from BR Factory

    So I’ve purchased three items that I can consider total losses at this point... I was researching online to see if anybody had the same issue with the shrinkage in these Banana Republic “Luxury Touch” polo shirts after the fact I’ve wasted money on these things and they pretty much fit my 6’1” 200lb frame like as if I purchased a size XS-S from a size Large (standard fit). I came across this thread and had to chime in with my experience.

    I’ve gone through 2 of these polo shirts and now a 100% rayon “Soft Camp shirt”. Be advised that if the material has a “silk” like touch, is labeled “Luxury Touch” or “Dress” style (BR Factory) chances are it’s going to undergo extreme shrinkage.

    The first polo shirt, I dry cleaned it after the first wear/use because I wanted to take good care of it and it still shrunk! I then purchased a SECOND Luxe Touch polo thinking it was the dry cleaning process that screwed the cotton’s composition. Lo and behold, after washing on a delicate cycle, cold, with like colors inside out, air dried on a flat surface indoors, and with Woolite it still shrunk approximately 2.75” from the hem up and from the width. I’m not even going to touch on the whole Soft Camp shirt experience because it’s just incredibly disappointing. I just wrote to BR customer service requesting that something be taken up to their upper management about this issue. Mind you, I have 2 of the “Don't Sweat It” polos and those haven’t undergone any shrinkage all the while using the same washing and drying methods so that just proved to me that it’s the cotton’s composition in the Luxe and Dress lineups.
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