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    Yeah. I quite like WTSO but find the quality (and claimed discounts) to be suspect and variable. I’ve had a couple of hits and couple of misses. Currently enjoying a Ribero del duero, but what I’d ideally like is a little more “curation” for lack of a better word.

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    I hear you on the “discount” issue – they can be variable indeed. I run a quick independent price check on any WTSO offerings that look interesting. Factoring in the free shipping and lack of tax, I’ve found that most of the bottles I pick up are a good deal, and some of those are a really good deal. By good, I mean cheaper than I can find locally or elsewhere online (and I have access to Total Wine and less expensive stores, as well as Costcos that sell wine and liquor). Even better, WTSO offers some restaurant wines that you are not likely to find most retail places.

    I tend to take the opposite of the “curation” path. As a level 3 somm told me at a tasting a couple of weeks ago, “wine points ratings and others’ opinions are all simply BS.” Our personal senses of smell and taste are shaped and developed over time by our own experiences. We all smell and taste things differently, often significantly so. The only way to find out what you like and don’t like is to taste it yourself… the more, the better. Hits and misses are part of that process, and they are a lot more interesting to me than having someone else tell me what they think I should be drinking. The exploration is a big part of the experience. Cheers!
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