Hey guys, just thought I would bring up a thread where people can list some of the menswear things that we are supposed to love but do not. These can be things that either modern fashion tells you to love or that classic menswear tells you to love. I will get it started.

Classic menswear:

1. Shell cordovan shoes - They are just not for me. Much more expensive than typical leather and I just do not like the look of them myself. I am sure the durability is phenomenal, but they just do not justify the extra cost for me. Sold my only pair that I never wore.

2. Grenadine ties - These may look great, but they so easily get snags. This may not bother some, but it does bother me. I even had some high end makers of these but did not wear them as much as I should have. I much prefer shantung or even grenadine-shantung where they are not supposed to look 100% clean and so small defects are better hidden.

Modern Fashion:
1. Elastic leg opening high water pants - just not for me. Too feminine looking IMO. I know others may disagree which is fine.

Anyways, what are all of your classic and modern dislikes?