So I bought a pair of Dsquared2 jeans of a guy. He sold them second hand. But the problem is when I got them I started worrying about if they where legit or not. The guy said they where priced around 7800kr (800$) and I believed him because he showed his pass and everything. I'm worried about the "extra zipper" and the tag in the jeans. The zipper isn't as close to the fly as many other dsquared2 jeans I have seen. And the tag has a model number and it says on the tag that the model is slim jean as the guy I buyed the pair of said. But when I search up the model number those Jean's I have don't come up. And the tag also has a production date number and when I searched it up, there were many pictures of the same tag as I have on my jeans but they were not the same model of jeans. And the tag says made in Europe which I'm a little afraid of. He sold them for about 200$ wich I thought was a reasonable price.

They look legit overall and the quality is good. But I just want to get some tips on if they are fake or not. And I watched a video on fake vs real dsquared2 jeans and some things matched on the fake and most of the things said that the pair was legit.