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Probably too many, but I just dumped DirecTV Now because it went from $10/month with my AT&T Unlimited plan to $25, so once GoT ended, I was done with it. Typing this all out, I could definitely trim this down some.

1. WSJ ($38/month now that I'm done with my intro rate...ugh...you used to be able to cancel for a few months, and then come back for $100/year, but that seems to have gone by the wayside)
2. Amazon Prime ($10/month, completely worth it to me)
3. ROMWod, a daily stretching/mobility app ($14/month, now that my gym has it, considering canceling it and making myself do the daily routine there)
4. The Athletic, sports news/feature writing ($3.50/month)
5. Proceedings, U.S. Naval Institute magazine ($5/month)
6. National Review ($4/month)
7. YouTube TV (now $50/month...cheaper than cable, but it used to be a great deal at $35/month)
8. Netflix ($11/month)
9. Meal delivery service ($125/week for 10 meals, but I only use this if I know I'm going to be out of town over the weekend and not be able to grocery shop and food prep, or if I'm going to have a crazy week and need the ease and speed)
I do YouTube TV when there is a big sports event. For instance, I bought it for the World Cup last year. Rough to hear it went up to $50 per month but competitors are coming into this market. Also, that ROM app is interesting. I have been thinking of working on mobility as I feel bad I cannot squat down without losing my balance sometimes...