I have a bunch of footwear (and a few other things) listed on Ebay. Some are new and unused, most are gently used and well-maintained. These are the combined closet cleanout/downsizing efforts of four similarly-footed people, so lots of different styles and brands represented. I don't post here (or any other forum) all that frequently, but I do have a successful record as a buyer and seller here, on other forums, and certainly (as you can see) on Ebay. Here are all the active listings:


More will be added. If something catches your eye, please let me know what you're interested in (through a PM here is preferred). If there are no bids on an item, the starting price plus shipping will be my asking price for the Dappered community, with direct payment via PayPal. Reasonable offers are also welcome. Volume discounts on multiple items. If there are bids, contact me through PM please and we can discuss.

Sorry to link to the Bay and not post directly here - I just didn't have the time to complete duplicate listing processes. I'm happy to answer questions.