So I started going back to the gym for a little less than a month and am in a good habit and rythm now. Now that that part is achieved I need to increase my focus and effort while in the gym. I am going a good 3 days a week for at least an hour. Sometimes I get in a second session but that is usually cardio or kayaking the lake. I have been doing my old "whole body" routine because I wasnt sure if I would make it more than twice a week. Now I need to work more exercises in and put htem in a proper grouping. Something I havent done in decades. I do have a back issue I am working around. Basically fused vertebrae that can lead to muscle spasms or pulls if I am not careful. Strength helps it a lot. Not just core but overall. If my legs and shoulders are stronger then I rely on my back less. My motivation is just to reduce back issues that have started cropping up again and also to get better overall strength for a week on the Appalachian trail that I have planned with my daughter this summer. And hey, of that makes me look better in a tank top for my Mexico vacation in September I wont complain either.

So, how do you guys group your exercises? I am assuming I will have 3-4 sessions a week. I want to make at least one of them body weight stuff so that I can do it at home in case I cant make the gym. I think I have plenty of core stuff there. So its the 3 gym sessions I want to work on. Doing the identical routine 3 times seems like I could be focusing more. should I do something upper body, core, legs, upper body? I could do legs at gym and core at home or gym.