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I live in Houston, which is both hot and humid. I have several pair of Airism boxers briefs. The mesh ones. And, I have one pair of Ex Officio Sport Mesh boxer briefs. I agree that the Airism boxer briefs are thinner than the Ex Officios, but I have never encountered the problem you describe in your post. While I work in an office building and not outside farming, herding cattle, or engaging in other strenuous outdoor work, I do hike and spend time outdoors recreationally. I have never, ever had the problem you describe. I suspect those are exaggerated accounts.

In my opinion, the Ex Officios ARE better than the Airisms, but not so much better that they are worth the additional cost (especially at full retail price). If you can find them at a decent discount and can afford them, I would recommend the Ex Officios. If you cannot, then the Airism boxer briefs should work well.
I, too, live in Houston. I, too, wear airism all summer. They're fantastic for the price, zero issues.

Random plug - BR sells boxer briefs that fit like the airism and have the same stretch, but are thicker. They're perfect for winter. They're pricier than airism, but do actually seem worth the cost.