I am in the market for a pair of shoes to be worn mostly with chinos for work, but also with jeans and occasionally with a blue suit for a couple of summer weddings. I think wingtip derbys will fit the bill nicely. AE McGregors or MacNeils, in an ideal world.

Buying new, or even factory seconds, is not in the budget right now. I have been scouring eBay for a while, and have passed on a couple of good used options. I've seen plenty of examples of people picking up some very tired looking shoes for $50 or less and giving them a good polish to make them look perfectly serviceable. I've seen a few of you around the forum who have done this with some success. My question: what would I NEED in the way of polishes, creams, and brushes to make this happen? And how likely am I to get a good result? All I have currently is a cheap auto-applying sponge sort of deal, which I assume won't cut it. Saphir products seems popular, but swanky and a little pricey. If I'm going to need to drop $50-75 on 4-5 different products, I feel like it would likely be a better use of my money to go find some Cole Haans or J&M new for $100-125. Am I wrong? Could I have a cobbler do this instead?

The prospective patients: https://poshmark.com/listing/Allen-E...9c15dfa20f0f98