I have an upcoming beach wedding (just attending, not my own / not in wedding party) in Mexico in 4Q of this year. I was excited to break out one of my summer suits, linen shirt, blue loafers, etc. for it. However, I've just learned that it is black tie optional (on the beach)!

I'm never one to turn down the option (and I think a light linen suit wouldn't fit BTO anyway), but I'm having a lot of trouble with pairing a beach wedding with black tie. I actually do have a white linen-cotton blend dinner jacket that I got for my own wedding last year, which is clearly in the picture for this and I'm happy to have the opportunity to wear again so soon. My real question is, what else? Do I go find a white linen tux pant as well? (assuming I can find one that matches/coordinates). Or do I stick with black tux pants and my tux loafers and hope they don't get mucked up much with sand, etc.?

Any thoughts on the issue would be appreciated. Obviously have some lead time, but also now is the season to purchase white tux pants or other summery accessories.