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Thread: Suitsupply Napoli vs Spier & Mackay Contemporary

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    With regard to buying a suit that's on the verge of too small, do yourself a favor and please do not buy it! Unfortunately I've made this mistake on a not cheap suit a few years back. I had the pants let out, but they're just not quite the same. Every time I wear it I feel like I'm risking busting a seam, and because of that it hangs in my closet while my more comfortable suits get play. Go with whichever looks AND feels better and save yourself the regret. And remember it's much easier to tailor in than out.

    Also, I've no experience with Suit Supply, though I really like the styles/fashion forward offerings. I do have a Spier and Mackay though, and love it.
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    Yeah my chacoal suit is a SS Napoli, and the pants are a little tight. I kind of regret the purchase to be honest. They were not doing separates at the time but it looks like they may do separates in at least some of their Havana, Lazio and Jort suits. Not sure about the Napoli.

    If the pants are too tight I would go elsewhere. I don't own a Spier suit but it sounds like they are every bit as nice as the Napoli line and why settle for a suit that the trousers don't fit properly? Spier was not around when I bought my Napoli or I probably would have gone that direction. If you can hit a sale on J Crew's Ludlows/Crosbys those are sold as separates and at a discount are in the Napoli price range. They don't go on sale all that often though, but it's an option if you get lucky on a promo code.
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    A couple of points/options.

    1. The photo of you in the jacket looks good. I agree it is hard to tell about any button pull due to the angle of the photo, but overall, I'd say it's a good fit.

    2. Don't buy a suit that is on the verge of being too small for you. I say this because a) you will always feel uncomfortable in the suit, wondering if the suit is too small. And if you're not relaxed and in your style, it will be hard to relax overall. b) As others have said, you likely won't wear the suit as often because you won't be comfortable wearing it. Why spend good money on a good suit only to have it hanging in the back of your closet?

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