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Thread: Absolutely floored at today's events

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    Absolutely floored at today's events

    Missus and I were honored to get to attend a memorial BBQ in honor of Danny Dietz, one of the US Navy SEALs tragically killed during Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan on 28 June 2005. You may be more familiar with the story by its publicized name, Lone Survivor (both a book and a movie by the same name, the latter starring Mark Wahlberg).

    Well his mom was there. And not only did we get to meet and chat with her a bit:

    20190511_124330 by Professor Horseyhead, on Flickr

    (excuse missus' disheveled look; she was up pre 0400 to get to Franklin BBQ on time, so she went minimal)

    But afterward, she said "oh wait, I have something for you." Which confused me. What could this incredible woman, who's been through unbelievable hardship, have to give *ME*...who owes her and her family so much?

    She gave me one of the challenge coins minted in her son's honor.

    IMG_20190511_125142_859 by Professor Horseyhead, on Flickr

    IMG_20190511_125142_845 by Professor Horseyhead, on Flickr

    I realize a lot of folks around here may not understand the significance of this gesture (and I'll spare the details; a quick google of "military challenge coin meaning" will provide all the info you could ask for). But needless to say, it's immense. Massive. I'm frankly still reeling a bit from it, and I need to stop soon or my damn feelings will leak out and make a mess everywhere.

    Anywho. Absolutely unbelievable to receive it. Definitely going front and center in the collection.

    Anyone else got a cool coin/story?

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    Very cool story!

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    thats awesome!

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