Hey everyone, I was just looking for some advice on a suit to get for my college graduation and to have for a few events for graduate school. I have a very dark navy suit right now thatís a little tight but still wearable, and Iím looking to get some kind of grey suit to bolster my closet. What color grey would be best? I think a charcoal might be too dark but worried a medium grey might be too casual looking. Ive been looking at Spier and Mackay and Suitsupply (I might prefer Spier and Mackay for the cheaper price and half canvas construction, but there is a Suitsupply near me where I could try on before buying). Iíve seen some medium greys on Spier and Mackay that look pretty light colored and some that are darker, so Iím thinking a ďdarker medium greyĒ might be the way to go. Probably going to avoid patterns for now too. Also for reference Iím pretty fair-skinned, but I tan easily in the summer. The grad program Iím going into is health administration, so seems fairly conservative dress but not too formal. And I would appreciate any advice on S&M vs SS. Thanks!