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Thread: End of Jcrew OCBD, they all have stretch now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dun View Post
    There are also 100% wool weaves that have stretch now as well. To keep up with athleisure and so clothes feel like they fit without tailoring many, a lot of the old fabric industries are coming up with new innovations with out adding poly
    I have a JCrew shirt that's a cotton / Merino wool blend to produce a stretchy shirt without using poly. It works surprisingly well.

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    A lot of Mills, both shirt and suit fabrics, are now showing "mechanical stretch" fabrics that don't contain any lycra/spandex. These new fabrics are really quite remarkable as they will maintain the properly for the life of the product, whereas spandex breaks down over time.

    This is achieved both in the weaving techniques and how the yarn is treated before weaving. The yarn is coated in a resin that locks it into a compressed state during weaving, then is washed out allowing the yarn to "decompress" and stretch, but is being held in place by the non treated yarn that's mixed in.

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    Timely post. I need a fresh white one for the season and am debating the Pima with the "untcked" fit from the full line or my old standby from factory. Right now its only about $10 difference.

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