I'm going to be a late add to chime in as a Cobbler Union fan. I only have one pair, but they are so nice that strangers approach me and compliment me on them.

Also, you might like the shoes from Justin fitzpatrick, the shoe snob. I like mine. I'm waiting on a second custom pair from him--which is a bit irritating--because it's been five months.


Justin has a great story to go along with his shoes. Started working in the shoe department at Nordstorm and then went on a shoe journey that took him from being an apprentice bespoke shoe maker to owning his own brand.

@Lawman2357 : I've wondered about Ace Mark shoes as well. I like a little flash with my shoes for non-work events--but I can't imagine dropping $400 on a pair of shoes unless I can see them first or they have good reviews on the internet.