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Thread: Watch + fitness tracker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocDave View Post
    What does "making sure things look accurate mean"? For example if you're a 23yr old male, and the medical people say your heart rate should be X. But the fitness tracker says your heart rate is Y.

    Does this mean they haul you in for a full on medical to make sure the fitness tracker is accurate? And when they find out that your heart rate is Y, what happens then?
    Heart rate varies for a ton of reasons. For instance, my resting heart rate is in the 40s so whenever someone takes my HR, they ask if I am a runner because it is low. I assume cycling would do the same thing.

    I wear a Fitbit Flex 2 behind my watch on my wrist. It's a pain but the steps are more accurate than tracking it with my phone. That said, I have hit my max benefit savings for the next year so I have thought about leaving it in my bedside table until next year.

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    I wear a watch on my left wrist and a Fitbit Charge 2 on my right. When I run, I wear a Fitbit ionic for GPS and podcasts. If you don't want something on your right wrist, I think fitbit still make a pendant model that you can clip in your pants pocket or if you're a woman, on the center of your bra. That's what my wife used to do.

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