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Thread: Need a Sportcoat - what color?

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    I think the Navy cotton jacket you have is fine. It's mostly just us style conscious people who notice or pay attention to subtle differences in fabric and texture. To the untrained eye, what's more noticable is color and silhouette. Navy is a formal color, and if the jacket fits you perfectly, and you have a nice shirt, pants, and shoes, then you will look just as formal as the others.

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    Wool or a high-wool content blend (stick to natural fibers) will present best, though in summer months a linen blend should be fine. I personally try to stick to wool/linen blends in jackets for work as I think they come across as a bit more professional than linen/cotton or straight linen, which are more prone to wrinkling.

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    What are your thoughts about the cotton and cotten / linen jcrew blazers for meetings like this? There are 4 men in the room. Two without a sportcoat at all and two with a wool sportcoat. Is the cotton blazer too casual for business? These are all director level positions.

    You guys nailed it on the hopsack. I wanted one last year and forgot all about it. I reached out to S&M to ask when they may be landing. Definitely going to pick one up!

    Thanks a ton. I will also consider a brown jacket to mix things up a bit more.

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    I'm also work at a bank and wear either a suit or sportcoat/blazer everyday. I would go brown like loafer said. I have three brown jackets and they get a ton of use. You can wear almost any color trousers with them.

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