Tis the time of year when all of the Spring/Summer linen suit options start appearing from various retailers. Every year, I obsess about purchasing one (particularly a light grey version). Every year I talk myself out of pulling the trigger.

On one hand: They are such a cool, laid back look. In theory, they keep you cool during the hot summer months, and set you apart from the crowd.
On the other hand: They're not particularly business appropriate (especially in more conservative industries - I'm an attorney). They obviously wrinkle readily. And the quality seems to vary wildly, from stiff/scratchy, to almost wool-like smooth.

The bottom line is, I am just not sure I would find enough situations where I'd actually wear it (I'm mostly working in the office, not heading to the Bahamas). I wanted to get others' thoughts on the linen suit. Is it worth it for the occasional summer wedding? Or will it become a closet decoration?