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Those a quite nice looking. I was also looking at the same boots in their "Ginger" color.

I tried a pair of the Thursday Captains in brown and as much as I loved the way they looked I wasn't happy about the way they fit. I'm a 10.5 on a brannock and the 10.5 was too big the 10 too small.

How would you say the chukkas fit compared to the Captains? I realize we are kind of comparing apples and oranges.
Interestingly, they DO fit a little different. Part of it, in my case, is the fact that I've had the Captains for over a year, so they're more broken in than the Scouts. The lacing on the Captains cover more of the shoe: it obviously extends higher on the ankle, but it also starts closer to the toe than the lacing on the Scout. So the Captain feels more secure; my foot seems to slip more in the Scout. Also, the suede on the Scout is surprisingly stiff; this isn't a pair of floppy desert boots. It feels like it took more time to get the Scouts to feel "broken in" compared to the Captains.

Both are good solid boots, though and I'm very happy with both.