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Thread: Journals, Planners, and Tracking

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    Journals, Planners, and Tracking

    I just dropped some coin on a nice journal and weekly planner because my lists and notes are disorganized and not really leading to me stay focused or productive. I bought a Rhodia Webplanner and a Rhodia Goalbook. I'm going to try both out and see which I like best. I'm trying not to buy in to bullet journaling as a solution to all my problems, but looking at my top note page right now I can see how it would be more legible if it was in bullet journal format.

    What do you guys use to take notes and keep track of tasks/to do lists?

    Rhodia Webplanner

    Rhodia Goalbook

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    I use an At-a-Glance Weekly/Monthly Planner in addition to using my standard Outlook calendar on my computer. I like how I can see the month across two pages and I rarely fill in the individual days unless I have a particularly packed day where I'm moving between courthouses.

    I use a plain old 5x8 notepad for daily or weekly tasks. I use Work Flowy, a basic app on my phone (also has a website for desktop use) that is essentially just one long text document, but it allows you to make indents easily to have sub-tasks for multiple things for one client, for example.

    I like the tactile sensation of using pen and paper (and who doesn't like crossing items off a to-do list, compared to clicking on a screen?) and I'm trying to get away from being on a screen all the time.

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