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Thread: New retroish Seiko 5

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    New retroish Seiko 5

    I got a new Seiko automatic for my birthday. Super cheap (under 70 bucks on amazon). SNKK27. It has a bit of a 70s vibe with the orange and grey on blue. I have a bit of a thing going for 70s vibe watches lately (see green Recraft below)

    The good:
    Looks cool, and pretty versatile (wouldn’t be offensive in any setting)
    Seiko 5 movements are bulletproof
    Exhibition caseback
    Super cheap

    The neutral:

    it’s pretty small (see comparison to Orient Mako and Other Seiko

    Mediocre lume (though average for the price point)

    The bad: bracelet is cheap feeling (though looks good)
    Limited water resistance (It just says water resistant with no number)

    Bottom line: if you want something a little different, this is a bargain. Highly recommended

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    That’s a great looking watch for that price point. Digging the retro vibes, too.

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