Hi All,

Since you guys are here, you care about style. For those dating/engaged/married - how do you feel about your significant other's style? Specifically, do you wish they were more stylish? Or were they already stylish when you met them, and that's part of what attracted you to them? Or did their style naturally evolve over time?

I have been dating an AMAZING woman; very pretty, smart, great chemistry between us, etc. All is well and I enjoy being with her, and see long term potential. However - here's my one small problem - I don't like the way she dresses. Not that she dresses bad at all, but she isn't much into women's fashion. Now, I'm not a guru regarding women's fashion by any means, but many of us can spot a well dressed woman when we see one. I have many female friends, and I love their style. Classic, contemporary, effortless. I love a well dressed, put together woman. I live in Chicago and there are plenty of women who I see out and about who are dressed well, and I always wish the girl I was dating would dress more like them.

What do I do? I don't want to be superficial and stupid, and call things off with a wonderful woman simply because she's not into fashion, but at the same time, I've always been drawn to a woman with great style, and see myself with that kind of woman long term.

Looking forward to your feedback - thanks!