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Thread: Experience with Mele & Co. valet or something similar

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    Experience with Mele & Co. valet or something similar

    Does anyone on here use a valet from Mele & Co and have any reviews? Looking at this one,

    Or does anyone have recommendations for a valet or something similar to store daily use items (watch, wallet, collar stays, lapel pins...etc) on top of a dresser?

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    Several of them look quite nice, don't they?

    But I made my own similar valets (one for my wallets, watches, cuff links, etc. and one for my meds and supplements), out of some wooden cigar boxes and pieces of jewelry boxes my wife bought from a thrift store and didn't use. That allowed me to install some pieces of elastic and magnets on the inside tailored to hold my stuff.

    The exteriors look normal, but since I'm not much of a craftsman, the insides don't look that great.

    Your post is making me want to buy one of those professionally made ones. They seem to be reasonably priced.
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