Good morning Gents:

I just received my AE Dalton, 2nds. I have to say I am very happy with them. A few minor marks with too much dye, a slight ripple in the leather but otherwise no flaws that I can detect.

The issue is sizing. I'm a 10.5D on a Brannock device, measured by the salesman at my local AE factory store. Actually my left foot is a 10D, right foot 10.5D I have a pair of AE 5th Avenues in a size 10.5D that I am still breaking in. Only have about 4-5 wears on them so far. When I purchased them I would describe the fit as snug, but not tight.

So reading all the threads I could find on AE Dalton sizing I have read everything from that they usually are TTS to you should order 1 width up and one length down (so a 10E in my case) to keep the length but go wider (so a 10.5E). I also read of people ordering a wider width and then when they broke in they were too wide, ugh!

When I tried on the boots last night I was concerned because they felt slightly tight in the width although the length seemed fine. There was a slight and I mean slight rise of my foot in the heel when walking but nothing I felt was significant.

Unfortunately the local AE factory store which is nearby doesn't have any Daltons in 10 or 10.5 E. There is a regular AE store an hour a way with a 10 E in stock but not a 10.5 E.

So what I think I will do is order another 2nd in 10.5 E for comparison and eat the $25 restocking fee for the one I have
to send back.

I know every person is different but was just curious as to the experiences people here have had with Dalton sizing and if they feel if they are true to size or not.

I may have been having a bad foot day yesterday too as my 5th avenues felt a little tight as well. Hope my feet didn't decided to grow the past week, lol.

They are such a beautiful boot and otherwise fit well that I am going to keep a pair of these regardless. If the 10.5E are too big I guess I can always have the 10.5D stretched.