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Thread: Daily 'work' footwear

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    Quote Originally Posted by mebejoseph View Post
    Okay, my bad--I thought I remember somebody posting on here about how many pairs of bit loafers he had.

    And yeah--I'm a fan of tassel loafers as well. Although they seem to get a bad rap.

    I love those Grayson AE loafers you have in shell! Or was that somebody else?
    That was probably me. I have 2 pairs of bit loafers from AE (Verona II - ), one in brown and one in black. I like the style--which is the style that one of the above links mentions as being a bit too rounded. They aren't particularly sleek... but they aren't meant to be, IMO.

    This is the closest to what the original Gucci bit loafer was styled as. Gucci has gone a bit more fashion heavy these days (including lug soles, etc.), but does have its 1953 loafer that hearkens back to the original. However, AE's are often down in the $200-300, vs. the $600-700 range for Gucci. I wear mine to death, so AE makes more sense to me right now.

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    J.FitzPatrick's Issaquah Loafer in Suede is a good choice for you in my opinion.
    Cobbler Union's suede chukka is a great choice as well.

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