I'm selling a brand new Combatant Gentlemen men's blue slim fit suit in 38s. This is the version of the suit being sold on Amazon and that's where I bought it from. I purchased two different sizes and was not able to return this one before the return window closed. It is literally still in the original wrapping, the amazon box it was shipped in was not even opened. The size I bought and wore is a nice suit for the price point. I got the pants slimmed slightly, but besides that the sleeves were perfect and it had a nice slim cut to it.

I purchased it for $160 on amazon and that's what it sells for at the moment. This is literally brand new, but I'd like to send it out quickly so I think $140 shipped is a good deal.


I can send pictures of the actual suit if you'd like, but its brand new and I'd actually have to open the amazon box and remove the wrapping.

Let me know - thanks!