My gains are your gain. These Slim Medium Gustin shirts just got a bit too tight for me. Worn a handful of times each, cold water washed and hand ironed. Both were around $100 new. Gustin describes them as summer shirts, but they work pretty much all year round. The red oxford is just like a regular lightweight oxford, only super soft. The gray/black chambray has some linen in the weave, which gives it an interesting texture. Both are selvedge fabric / button down collar. These are both a significant step up in quality from a J Crew Factory or Uniqlo selvedge.

by carlitoscohones, on Flickr

by carlitoscohones, on Flickr

More photos of each shirt from me at

Here are the original Gustin listings:

#215 Red Rust Summer Chambray ($99)

#47 Black Linen Chambray ($105)

$30 each or both for $50. Shipping charged at cost, USPS Priority mail ~$7.50 for a small box or parcel post for less.