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Oh boy--Justin can get a little defensive about creasing.


I love the shoes.
I think it's a valid concern, especially for a prospective buyer that wants satisfaction in terms of fit and also aesthetics. I have a pretty high instep and this pair is high even for me, with a smidge extra height over the ball joint too. I know his 6-eyelet models have a higher instep than other variations in his lines so again, I suspect it's related to shoe volume vs foot volume, and as the blog says not an indicator of quality. If this were a captoe, would I have creasing into the cap? Hard to say. My Sebastiens (also JFP) developed creases quickly, but they're also museum calf. And I've seen reports that Ilcea is softer than Du Puy as far as museum goes, so the trade-off is an easy break-in in exchange for faster wrinkles.