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Thread: Best purchase of 2018?

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    Well with the AE anniversary sale I did pick up a pair of boots. But I live in Canada! So boots are kind of like breathing. They are needed to live.

    I was going to pick up another pair of shoes during the sale too, but never got around to it. And now that the sale is over, well so much for that spend!

    I did stock up on underwear though. I picked up five pairs of Uniqlo Airism boxers. Trying them out to see if they are to be my go-to brand. I want to give SAXX a try too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mochi123 View Post
    I've been considering that too, how are they, overall sizing and comfort wise?

    Sorry for the delayed response. I previously had a pair of Chuck Taylors and the JPs are a big step up in comfort IMO. They also run basically true to size instead of the weird over-sizing of the CTs. Granted, my CTs were pretty old (possibly before Nike purchased Converse?), so maybe they're better these days.

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