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Thread: Watch Dilema: Keep saving or buy now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scofield View Post
    my suggestion if you're getting the itch to buy something: just buy a new watch strap, put it on one of your current watches and it will feel like you practically have a new watch, scratching that itch until it passes
    @Loafer28, in addition to the sound opinions to continue saving and hold out for the watch you want, heed @Scofield's sage advice in the meantime.

    A variety of nice straps can COMPLETELY change the look and feel of your existing watches. I have more watches (and straps) than I care to count, yet one of my favorite watch activities is trying different watch/strap combos just to see what unique and interesting pairings I can come up with. It's an easy and relatively inexpensive way to increase your wearable watch collection exponentially. Yeah, you can buy a cheap quartz to hold you over, but for the same price, adding a quality strap to a piece you already have and love could give you a lot more satisfaction.
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