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I am fascinated by how what we wear connects to our identity and how it projects our power. I'm glad you asked this question and sparked some interesting discussion. It can't be all Allen Edmonds all the time, right?

For many years, lesbian and gay people used clothing to send signals to each other - handkerchiefs in the back pocket, plaid shirts, for a while in the late 90s "Chelsea Boys" wore sleeveless t-shirts, denim shorts, and work boots - perhaps as a way to project strength and a masculine power in the face of AIDS. You might interested in this 99% Invisible podcast which talks a bit about lesbians, Scottish warriors, and plaid: https://99percentinvisible.org/episo...of-interest-2/

To flip it a bit, I sometimes wonder what I should wear as a gay man. For years I didn't wear baseball hats, partly because I am not interested at all in sports (sometimes the stereotype fits!) and because I had a hard time finding one that fit my head. I now wear a Yankees hat, especially when I'm taking my son for long afternoons at the playground. Someones people ask me about the Yankees and I try to just nod and smile. I wear it because they are the easiest hat to come by in my size here in NYC and the navy color is versatile.

The idea of a "midtown uniform" worn by Pata-bro-nia finance guys is another example of clothing and identity. I'm in Midtown and wearing one right now - over my Proper Cloth dress shirt, Bonobos jeans and AE boots. I think each of these things in some small way is chose to reflect who we think we are or who we'd like to be.

I've had more than 40 years experience in being gay. In my expert eye, these do not strike me as "gay." Something about the photo realistic nature of the print feels off to me and the thickness of the navy piping. I also have noticed that fit and especially fashionable gay men (I'm neither) have moved to wearing swimming suits that have button closures -- or at least not draw strings -- and more Italian, Missoni style patterns like these or these.

From what I see on Instagram and among my friends (some of my best friends are gay!), Mr. Turk is a leader in "gay" swimwear, and Parke & Ronen has done these for a long time too. I'd be interested to know what brand these are. One could also have a "gay voice" or a "gay face" fwiw.

If I had the body to wear something cut like this, I'd just go for it -- straight, gay or somewhere in between. Why not, its vacation! Try something new.
This was a very well written post. Awesome. And you know what? If I had the body of this guy I'd be wearing those shorts in a heart beat!