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Thread: Can a heterosexual man wear a pair of swimtrunks like these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by julius12 View Post
    Let's be real for a second and stop being overly PC. Some guys don't like chunky cardigans coz it makes them look old, and it just so happens that most old guys prefer that garment (or at least that's how they're portrayed in movies). It doesn't mean they hate or look down on old people, they just don't want to project that image. For me, despite being considered a classic, I wouldn't wear a leather perfecto biker jacket. It gives off a rocker/biker image and that's just not me, so I go for a cafe racer instead. It doesn't mean I hate rockers or bikers. It's the same thing with avoiding styles that most gay guys go for, like short shorts. I have several gay friends, and have hung out with them where I was the only straight guy, but I don't wanna dress like them.
    I agree with this. If someone posted a pic of a Filson Mackinaw Jacket in buffalo plaid and asked if people would assume he was a lumberjack and wanted, in good faith, an honest assessment, no one would say "dude, who cares, wear what you want" or suggest it's a troll post. He is asking about the signals that a particular item may send, which is what we do here. All. The. Time. In fact, I've seen people here make the explicit claim that they care about fashion primarily because of the what garments say about the wearer. But in this case, a guy wishes to not convey a particular signal, in good faith, because that signal would not accurately reflect him and he's accused of being homophobic or gay himself (as if it's an insult, which is very ironic).

    Enough with the virtue signaling, guys.

    Edit because it just occurred to me: The responses here are all the more frustrating given the recent thread on a James Dean article in which someone essentially accused the author of willfully whitewashing Dean's sexuality by failing to mention it due to Dean's style and sexuality being inextricably linked. Are style and sexuality linked or not? If so, can we have a grown-up discussion about it? Are we able to ask questions? Is that answer conditional on the identity of the person asking? Which is it guys?
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