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Athleta is more than just athleisure. To me it's work out clothing. That what this new line looks like. A men's line of technical gear meant for working out and being active. There is a huge market for that as evident by the success of brands like Lululemon. This seems like the Gaps answer to Lululemon. Like I said before, Athleta is one of their only really profitable lines so it only makes sense that they would want to expand into a men's line.

I realize a lot of people will wear stuff from this line casually but a lot will also wear it for it's intended purpose. Not everyone wants to go on hikes or casual bike rides in jeans or chinos. Some people value well fitting work out gear in performance fabrics that actually serve a purpose. Is it really that big of a sin to throw on a decent pair of joggers after a workout to run a quick errand on your way home? I'm just saying, if your at all active, this stuff serves a purpose. You don't have to wear it or even like it. But you don't have to judge other people for showing interest in it.
Athleisure just looks sloppy in public. Exception being worthy ladies in yoga pants.

Yes, it's great for the gym. And for pajamas. I am currently sitting in bed with coffee, wearing joggers and a real thin hoodie. Comfy as hell. However, I'm getting up soon to take my daughter to a school fundraising thing, and I will definitely not be wearing anything of this sort there.

Point on Athleisure - women seem to be the big offenders here. I don't really see too many men in public in this stuff. I know some women who wear literally nothing else.

I wish I'd bought lulemon stock years ago.