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Thread: Alternatives to the discontinued J. Crew Skiff Jacket?

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    Alternatives to the discontinued J. Crew Skiff Jacket?

    Peacoats don't suit me. I'm a big fan of wool, waist length jackets. Over the past two winters, my most worn item was this inexpensive "wool-blend coach jacket" from H&M (which I recently managed to lose while moving):

    H&M no longer sells that jacket, but I stumbled across a similar one from J Crew:

    As luck would have it, that isn't for sale either. Neither is this J. Crew "University Coat":

    Have any of you seen a simple, waist-length wool jacket without peacoat style lapels?

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    I have something similar from Sanyo, at the time from Sierra Trading Post.

    This is similar although slightly longer. They have some at Nordstrom Rack, but cotton blend.

    Banana Republic

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