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Thread: Dappered Weight Loss Club Anyone?

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    After two weeks of holidays where there was a lot of food and beer consumed, and not a lot in the way of exercise, I'm up to 174.6lbs. Not impressed. I need to get back in to fitness routine and start working out again. Hopefully I can lose the 5lbs that I gained over the last two weeks.

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    Yeah I'm not sure how helpful a DNA test could really be in terms of helping you to make lifestyle changes to improve your fitness.

    If you are struggling with your weight or your fitness, odds are preeeetty good that it's not because there's some magical genetic quirk you are failing to exploit. You probably know what you need to do - eat more whole foods, eat more vegetables, eat more lean proteins, eat less processed food, eat less sugar/simple carbs, drink less alcohol, eat slightly less overall (if you're trying to lose weight), eat slightly more overall (if you're trying to gain lean mass), get more sleep, spend more time moving around. It's not that people don't know what they should do, it's more that it can be really difficult to implement these lifestyle changes. Especially given the limitations most people have on their time and energy and the fact that it's just a lot more time-efficient, convenient, and instantly gratifying to eat crappy processed foods and be sedentary than to plan, prepare, and eat healthy nourishing foods and be physically active.

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