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Thread: The ubiquity of the Apple Watch?

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    I see a lot of people wearing them in the Birmingham/Atlanta area but personally don't feel like I've gained any benefit to owning one outside of constant health tracking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMann View Post
    I suspect that different pockets of society are more likely to have adopted smart watches than others. I work in a hospital in the Seattle area and I see a LOT of smart watches, probably more than standard watches.
    Yeah, I agree with this. Which is why I figured my segment - IT - would have a lot of people wearing them. IT people tend to like IT, geeky stuff. The Apple watch seems to fit in to that category. Of course when I do look around, I see a lot of smart watches in general on the wrist of IT workers. Peebles, FitBits, etc. So yes. The pockets of society is certainly a valid comment.

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    Went out to hear some music tonight. Listening room had about 50ish people. I counted 7 smart watches and 2 traditional watches. My wife and I were wearing those 2.

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    I have an android smart watch and a tizen (Samsung) smart watch. I don't wear them and wear mechanical watches instead.

    Yes, they're neat, and the Samsung can do a lot, but I realized they make me spend MORE time connected, not less...and that's the last thing I need. When I check the time on an analog watch, I'm not seeing a notification that I'm going to check.

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