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Thread: Anybody familiar with Lethato shoes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMJoeKing View Post
    Hmm, I wasn't expecting some of these responses. Anyhow, I don't work for the company and I'm not a spammer.
    The response is predictable when your first and only post is to a sales link.

    That, and the suggestive "you" phrasing on why someone might buy is a hallmark of advertising. If you had come in with a description of the shoe you wanted and asked whether the linked brand would satisfy, the post would have come off as a request for opinions rather than a promotion.

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    Guinea pig, reporting in.

    Not going to post pictures unless people are genuinely interested, but I'd say that at the sale price they're fine. The pair that arrived has a bit more range/depth of color than the picture posted on their website (this variant disappeared on amazon as soon as I ordered them, which is certainly rather odd). The brogueing also looks very nice to my eyes, with a very nice contrast coloring.

    Some points for presentation effort, too - they come in a decent box, with a shoe horn (black plastic) and a sort of set of shoe bags... a pair of cheap translucent white bags hold each shoe, which in turn are inside of a decent (but single!) black shoe bag that closes with a drawstring. Pungent & awful chemical stench out of the box, but at least that goes away quickly enough.

    I'm 90% positive they're cemented, but these ones didn't advertise themselves as goodyear or anything else. Leather quality & thickness seems okay - on first impressions better than the Aston Grey shoes I have, but nothing like Beckett Simonon or Allen Edmonds. Despite the claim on their website I kind of doubt they're full-grain, but aside from how the leather creases I have trouble telling the difference visually. Fairly comfy, much more so than they look (but they don't look comfy at all).

    Bottom of the shoe says "genuine leather" and the shoe itself as no visible tag or the like detailing materials for the different components. The box says Made in India.

    Bottom line, they're not bad at the ~$90 price point but there's a heck of a lot of competition at that range. For the full $130 price I wouldn't say they're worth it, since for not much more you can step into the robust, and better, realm of high-100s to low-200s shoes like Meermin, BS, AE-on-sale, etc. etc. They do offer a particular style that I haven't often seen at the budget price point, at least?

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