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Thread: Your thoughts on my watch color conundrum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
    Yeah, I think there is a misperception about how common certain watches are based on how popular they are online. I’m sure it’s a bit different in major metro areas, but at least here where I live, well over half the men I see daily don’t even wear a watch; of those who do, probably at least half have some kind of smart watch/fitness tracker/sport watch; half of the rest are usually in some kind of fashion watch, like Fossil, and of the tiny amount who wear “real” watches, only an even tinier fraction wear watches we would think of as the “common” ones.

    I see one guy in court who wears a Polar Explorer and one guy who wears a Speedmaster. A female coworker of mine used to wear an older Datejust but she has since swapped it for a Fitbit. The guy who sold me my house had a ‘90s-ish looking Sub. My retired neighbor bought herself a yellow gold Day-Date earlier this year. That’s pretty much the full extent of “common” watches I’ve seen in the wild here where I live. And while we’re not a metro area, we have no shortage of affluent people.

    TL;DR I’m not too worried about getting a common watch. If I were, I’d probably not be looking at Rolex.
    Here there's definitely more Rolex/Omega running around, and I think more watches generally vs. overall, but it's still relatively rare. There are still tons more DWs and other similar fashion watches running around than nicer watches, and even more Apple/Polar/Fitbits that have taken over the role for either of those groups. Even among affluent people, not everyone desires to have nice watches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocDave View Post
    Love this quote. Not derail the conversation, but yeah. Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong. These guys were rock stars. Now I'd be hard pressed to name anyone else (besides Chris Hadfield - I am Canadian after all) who's been in space.
    Yeah, I miss the romanticism. When it was must see TV to watch a launch. Of course that goes both ways. I remember being in the auditorium watching when Challenger happened. I was in middle school and it was a little rattling.

    Coolest guys on...and off...the planet...

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    Got to hit up an AD today... their selection was limited but they did have both the blue OPs (369 and date).

    And for fun I tried the TT Sub:

    Which was too big and too heavy, as expected. Also just... too shiny.

    Fun to try stuff on and chat with the sales guy but not super helpful in narrowing my choices, as they did not have any of the wilder colored OPs to check out. I may try to find an excuse to visit the state’s other AD sometime soon to see if they’ve got the champagne or grape.

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