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Thread: Newbie Post, Looking for help in building my shoe collection

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    I'd second the suggestions on a brown based Macneil or McGregor (wingtip blucher, so a tiny bit less dressy) or McAllister (wingtip balmoral, so a tiny bit dressier). I had stayed away from bluchers generally, but I think they look nice with chinos/slacks and a sportcoat. It sounds like you've got suit-dressy covered, so a blucher could be a nice addition for your usual wear situations.

    Given travel, a pair of loafers might also fit the bill and still be dressy enough for your usual wear. I like bit loafers, but AE also has plenty of penny and other loafer options too that are nice.

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    I'd go either a mccallister in Merlot or oxblood or a McNeil or McGregor as well.

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    McAllaster in merlot or Strand in Walnut. I too have AE double monks in chili and my merlot McAllasters aren’t redundant. BUT the strands in Walnut are probably what you need to hit the sweet spot in terms of covering the brown shade spectrum.

    I love all 3 of those shoes and wear all 3 All the time. My black Park Avenues only get play when it’s a requirement.

    Save the basic brown for loafers.

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    Not sure if the OP has already made his purchase but if I was looking for a "suit to jeans" shoe I would probably get the Boulevard in Coffee. I am probably in the minority, but I just couldn't wear an oxford shoe like the McCallister or Strand with jeans. I don't like wearing my Strands with more casual chinos, let alone jeans (though I know many do like that look).

    If you are buying shoe really for chino/jean situations I could not agree more with the previous posters who recommended the MacNeil. A MacNeil in Oxblood or Walnut (I'd probably go with the latter) would nicely complement you other two shoes and be a great look with chinos and jeans.

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